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Model: Water Soluble CBD Powder
Brand: KSW
Product Name: Water Soluble CBD Powder 20%
Molecular Weight: 314.462 g/mol
Molecular Formula: C21H31O2
CAS Number: 13956-29-1

Water Soluble CBD Powder 20%

Antioxidant 20% Cbd Water Soluble Powder Cosmetics Solvent Extraction OEM
Product Description

Water Soluble CBD Powder CBD 20%


【Properties】White powder

【Specification】Minimum order of 100 grams

【Solubility】Soluble in water, soluble in water is 20g/100mL

【Shelf life】12 months

【Source】 Industrial hemp

【Packing】Vacuum packing

Storage】Room temperature, dry, protected from light, it is strictly forbidden to coexist with strong acid, strong alkali and oxidant

Composition】 Ratio: CBD 20%.

【Tile】Raw hemp CBD water-soluble material

【Origin】Yunnan, China

【Model Name】Water-soluble CBD powder 20%.


【Flavor】Natural hemp herb

【Molecular Formula】C21H31O2

Product description

Gonghemp Bio CBD water-soluble powder mixes easily with beverages and other liquids.

It increases the bioavailability of CBD in the body, making its effects happen faster.

Water-soluble CBD is also widely used in make-up skin extraction to improve bioavailability. Professional third-party laboratory testing, high solubility, THC-free.
What is water-soluble CBD?
Unlike sugar and alcohol,  cannabinoid  CBD dissolves in fats and not water. Substances such as sugar can enter the bloodstream within 10-15 minutes, while fat-soluble cannabinoids have to wait several hours for absorption.
In the simplest sense, water-soluble CBD can enter the bloodstream directly through the small intestine.
Since water-soluble CBD is already compatible with water in the human body, it is not necessary to move the system to circulate, be broken down by enzymes and transferred to the liver to experience the results.
Water-soluble CBD is absorbed into the bloodstream almost instantly, providing rapid efficacy.
What are the benefits of water-soluble CBD?

Over the past year, the demand for water-soluble CBD has increased.  Water-soluble CBD is able to create a final product for consumers, even tailored to consumers of functional foods.
In addition, water-soluble CBD products are also more effective, making them more affordable for end consumers.
(1) Bioavailability is higher than other CBD products on the market

Water-soluble CBD is more effective than other ways to take itThis efficiency not only means more CBD entering the body, but it can be more affordable for consumers overall.

Because the human body has a higher absorption rate of CBD, it only takes less to achieve the desired effect.

(2) Broaden the breadth of product formulas

Being able to allow the addition of CBD to energy drinks allows CBD to enter the functional drinks market.
Not only that, but water-soluble cannabinoids can be introduced into a wide variety of foods, thereby adding to the CBD-added food product category in the market.
(3) Customer preference

Water-soluble CBD is a very simple way to add it, and users don't need any expertise to use the final product conveniently.

Users can control CBD dosages consistently and measurably with each use. CBD convenience and portability are also added by adding to beverages with no noticeable effect on flavor, consistency, texture, or appearance.