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Product Name: Yuanbao Maple Seed Oil
Extraction Source: Yuanbao Maple Seeds
Main Ingredient: Nervonic acid, linolenic acid, flavone, vitamin E

Acer Truncatum Seed Oil

Product Description

Alias: Nervous acid


    Acer truncatum seed oil is a vegetable oil processed from the seeds of Acer truncatum. The seeds of Acer truncatum are rich in oil and protein,     are non-toxic, can be fried, and taste like melon seeds.

Product Features: 

    1.Acer truncatum seed oil is rich in nervonic acid, which is a special substance found so far that can promote the repair and regeneration of         damaged nerve tissue.

    2.It has a certain repair effect on brain diseases such as neurasthenia, brain atrophy, Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's syndrome, optic nerve     decline, memory loss, insomnia and forgetfulness.