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Product Name: Alginic acid
Properties: Light yellow powder
Extraction Source: Brown algae
Molecular Weight: Between 200000-15000 Daltons

Alginic Acid

Product Description

Product Introduction:

Alginic acid is an extract and purified product of brown algae. It is a non-branched polymer of mannuronic acid connected by β-1,4 glycosidic  bonds. The molecular weight has little to do with the degree of hydrolysis, but its source Related, generally between 200,000-15,000 daltons,is a kind of polymannuronic acid.


1.Alginic acid can be used in vinegar, ethanol and other products, and can also be used to precipitate positively charged colloids (proteins) to make beer and low-pH wine glue together.

2. Due to the small molecule of alginic acid, it has excellent foaming properties. When used in champagne, foam will increase.