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Product Name: ALOE-EMODINE
Properties: Orange needle-like knot or ochre crystalline powder
Extraction Source: Aloe
Molecular Weight: 270.2369
Molecular Formula: C15H10O5
CAS Number: 481-72-1 13241-28-6


Product Description

RTECS number: CB6712200

EINECS NO.: 207-571-7


    1. Pharmaceuticals:

        1)Anti-tumor activity. The mechanism of aloe-emodin is to inhibit the biosynthesis of DNA, RNA and protein in cancer cells.

        2)Antibacterial activity. Aloe-emodin has a strong inhibitory effect on the nucleic acid and protein synthesis of Staphylococcus aureus.

        3)Immunosuppressive effect. Aloe-emodin can inhibit the production of biological antibodies, inhibit the ability of carbon particle clearance,         reduce the weight of immune organs, reduce the number of white blood cells, and reduce the function of peritoneal macrophages.

        4) Purging effect. Aloe-emodin has strong laxative activity and is clinically used as a laxative to increase appetite and relieve large                     intestines. Especially for middle-aged and elderly constipation, the treatment effect is more obvious.

    2. Health products: It has the effect of reducing fat and losing weight, and is often used in weight loss products.

    3. Other aspects:

        1)It makes hair soft and shiny, relaxing and refreshing, and has the effect of removing dandruff.

        2)It can protect teak from termites.