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Alpha trypsin effects and application fields

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Trypsin, a kind of protease, EC, is a serine proteolytic enzyme extracted from the pancreas of cattle, sheep, and pigs. In vertebrates, acts as a digestive enzyme. In the pancreas, trypsinogen, the precursor of trypsin, is synthesized and secreted as a component of pancreatic juice. It is restricted by enterokinase or trypsin and decomposed into activated trypsin. It is an endopeptidase that can convert polypeptide chains Carboxyl side cleavage in lysine and arginine residues. It not only acts as a digestive enzyme, but also restricts and decomposes the precursors of other enzymes such as chymotrypsinogen, carboxypeptidase, and phospholipase, and activates them. It is the most specific protease, and it becomes an indispensable tool in determining the amino acid arrangement of proteins.crystalline trypsin company -Healtheway

The role of crystalline trypsin

Trypsin is an endopeptidase that selectively hydrolyzes arginine and lysine peptide chains, and can hydrolyze natural proteins, denatured proteins, fibrin, and mucin into polypeptides or amino acids. Since serum contains non-specific aprotinin, trypsin will not digest normal tissues, but can decompose viscous secretions such as mucus and purulent sputum, and can promote the penetration of antibiotics and chemotherapy drugs into the lesion.

1. For empyema, hemothorax, surgical inflammation, ulcer, traumatic injury, local edema, hematoma, abscess, etc.

2. For respiratory diseases to dissolve mucus and purulent sputum.

3. For the treatment of venomous snake bites, it has been tried on more than 800 cases of various types of patients bitten by venomous snakes such as Zhuyeqing, silver ring snake, cobra, and pit viper, and all of them were cured.

Trypsin has many functions. Trypsin can directly determine the amino acid arrangement of proteins, and it also has a certain selective hydrolysis effect on promoting digestion or arginine lysine peptide chains, etc., which can effectively promote natural protein. Or fibrin is hydrolyzed into amino acids and other substances. In addition, it can also effectively decompose mucus secretions. It also has a certain auxiliary effect on promoting antibiotic chemotherapy or treating surgical inflammation, traumatic injury, and edema, hematoma and abscess. Can effectively act on the respiratory system.

Application of alpha trypsin

Now we have a detailed understanding of the role and efficacy of trypsin. This product is a white or white crystalline powder in appearance. Trypsin is widely used, whether it is in the dairy industry or It will be used in meat products industry, health food production industry or medical industry, etc. In addition, it is also widely used in industry, such as petroleum industry, manufacturing industry or agricultural products, and even in some cosmetic products such as beauty It can appear in frost, and it can also appear in animal feed, so there are many applications or effects.

1. Clinical surgery is used for local abscess, edema, hematoma and snake bites caused by various inflammations, ulcers, gangrene, trauma, and flaccidity. Surgery is used to treat ringworm and other skin disorders. Internal medicine is used for empyema, emphysema, bronchitis, bronchial wheezing and other diseases. Generally intramuscular injection, can also be injected into the chest cavity or abscess fistula cavity, pus drainage and washing, or spray inhalation for respiratory diseases. In addition, treat complications caused by diabetes, such as nephritis, etc.; treat orthopedic diseases.

2. As a food processing aid to cut macromolecular proteins.

3. The characteristics of its hydrolyzed protein are widely used as reagents in the research and development and testing fields of biology, medicine, food and other industries.




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