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Introduction: Basil essential oil, also known as perilla essential oil, is one of the representatives of spicy essential oils. It can be obtained by extracting basil flowers, leaves or whole plants. The smell of basil essential oil is very refreshing, with a sweet and spicy green grass fragrance.
Properties: Light yellow liquid, with a sweet smell of grass
Extraction method:Usually distillation method

Main function:

Basil is known as the king of vanilla. It has a good care for women and is a first-class product for headaches and migraines. Adding a few drops of basil essential oil to the hot water for soaking your feet can achieve the purpose of invigorating the blood and collaterals, and also achieve the effect of removing beriberi and foot odor.

1. Skin curative effect. Improve sagging and aging skin, cleanse sebum, prevent acne, and nourish skin.

2. Physiological efficacy. Stimulate the secretion of estrogen and improve menstruation.

3. Psychological efficacy. It relieves stress when nervous fatigue, invigorates the mood, and improves depression quite effectively.



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