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Bilberry extract's five benefits for health

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1. Bilberry fruit extract and vision

Studies have not found conclusive evidence that bilberries help improve night vision.China bilberry fruit extract-Healtheway

Nevertheless, this delicious blueberry (Bilberry) is still a favorite research object of scientists because it is rich in anthocyanins, which have powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Because it is said to be beneficial to eye health, consumers flocked to buy bilberry extract, making it an enduring bestseller among herbal supplements.

2. What is organic bilberry extract?

Bilberry belongs to the same genus as cranberry, American bilberry, and American blueberry. It is a plant that grows in the wild with bright green leaves and bell-shaped flowers. It is mainly distributed in northern Europe.

The color depth of bilberry pulp is caused by anthocyanins, and dark berries also have different levels of anthocyanins. Bilberry also contains antibacterial tannins, and purple grapes and black tea both contain tannins.

In the 18th century, German doctors used bilberry to treat intestinal diseases and other diseases.

In the 20th century (1987), the expert group of the German Herbal Authorities Committee responsible for evaluating the safety and effectiveness of herbal plants approved the use of bilberry extract to treat diseases such as diarrhea and inflammation of the mouth or throat.

3. What is bilberry extract?

The standard content of anthocyanin in bilberry extract is 25%. For the orange itself, its anthocyanin content ranges from 300 mg to 700 mg per 100 grams of fruit, depending on its place of origin.

In recent studies on the health effects of bilberry extract, the most convincing evidence is that bilberry extract reduces retinal inflammation. There are few studies, and most of them are experimental studies on animals.

The study did not provide conclusive evidence about the effects of bilberry extract on blood sugar levels, heart or intestinal health.

4. Is bilberry liquid extract safe?

According to the United States Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database (NMCD) compilation of information on herbs and their medicinal properties, bilberry is safe to eat and can also be used as an extract.

Since anthocyanins can prevent platelet adhesion, bilberry extract may interfere with anticoagulant drugs such as warfarin. Experts said that in view of some related reports, bilberry extract should be used with caution.

There is also the problem of quality. Some cheap bilberry extracts may contain chemicals such as dyes. It is recommended not to buy bilberry extract with a lighter color, which may indicate that the anthocyanin content is very low.

It is important to purchase bilberry extract through trusted channels.

5. Where can I find bilberry fruit extract?

Bilberry is not easy to find in North America. But you can find lingonberry jam, which can be eaten with breakfast toast.

In general, if consumers are looking for antioxidants from natural sources, experts suggest that they can stick to blueberries or other dark berries.

These foods will scavenge free radicals that damage healthy cells. As a glycemic index fruit, it can be slowly absorbed and become a high-quality snack for diabetic or non-diabetic patients.

Blueberries taste great, they are also easy to buy, and most people like to eat them.




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