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Product Name: Black currant P.E.
Properties: Deep purple or purple fine powder
Extraction Source: Bilberry fruit
Main Ingredient: Anthocyanin (glycoside)

Bilberry Extract

Product Description

Product Features: 

    Healthy people or visually impaired patients can use bilberry extract alone or take β-carotene and vitamin E at the same time, which can             significantly improve night vision, respond quickly to darkness, and restore visual acuity faster after the eyes are exposed to bright light.

    People Suitble: Pilots, drivers, and computer operators taking bilberry extract can effectively improve the retinal adjustment ability and reduce     the damage to vision caused by light pollution and light stimulation.

Clinical Application:

    1. It can be used to protect eyesight, prevent blindness, cyanosis, cataracts, retinal hemorrhage, improve myopia, macular degeneration,                 diabetic omentum disease, retinitis pigmentosa and night blindness.

    2.Strengthen cerebrovascular, prevent cerebrovascular diseases, strengthen myocardial blood vessels, strengthen coronary arteries,                     strengthen renal blood vessels, prevent glomerular capillaries from rupture and hematuria, urethritis and cystitis. Strengthen veins, prevent         varicose veins, and prevent ulcers, Prevent arteriosclerosis, prevent the formation of thrombus.