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Camellia Seed Oil

Alias:Tea oil
Introduction: Camellia seed oil is made by low-temperature pressing or low-temperature extraction of camellia seeds. It is a high-quality edible oil with good color and flavor, rich nutrition, and has the effects of lowering blood pressure, blood fat and softening blood vessels. Long-term consumption, human skin is delicate and moisturized, hair is black and shiny, and increases human immunity. It has extremely high beauty and health value.
Main material: Camellia oleifera
Main nutrients: Unsaturated fatty acids
Product Description

Product Function:

1. It can protect the immune system. Camellia seed oil has strong antioxidant properties. It can activate the antioxidant enzyme SOD, scavenge free radicals and protect the immune system.

2. It can promote the secretion of tea oil in breast milk. Consumption of camellia seed oil can increase the secretion of tocopherols, improve physical fitness, increase maternal immunity, and thereby increase breast milk production. After the pregnant woman eats it after giving birth, it can help eliminate the belly fat accumulated during pregnancy, which can help restore the body quickly.

3. It can nourish and soften blood vessels. Camellia seed oil has good biofilm fluidity, so it can nourish and soften blood vessels and prevent blood vessel hardening and embrittlement.

4. It can prevent and treat gallstones. Consumption of camellia seed oil can clean blood and remove cholesterol, so it can avoid this disease.

5. It can prevent gastric ulcer. Camellia seed oil also inhibits the release of a variety of digestive enzymes, slowing down food digestion, thereby reducing the damage to the ulcer surface.