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Can a diabetic patient take figs, and how much

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Diabetics should avoid sugar in their diet. Many foods with high sugar content cannot be eaten. In the choice of fruits, they should choose to eat some fruits with low sugar content. Is it good for diabetics to eat figs?

How about fig fruit powder for diabetics

It is OK for diabetics to eat fig in proper amount. Fig is a high fiber food, rich in acids and enzymes. It is helpful to improve human immunity, eliminate fatigue and restore physical fitness. It is very beneficial to patients with diabetes.fig and diabetes - Healtheway

Nutritional value of fig fruit powder

1. Fig is rich in citric acid, malic acid, protease, lipase and hydrolase, which helps to strengthen the spleen, eliminate food and promote appetite. In addition, fig also contains a variety of lipids, which can moisten the intestines and defecate.

2. The hydrolase and lipase contained in Fig can decompose blood lipids and reduce blood lipids. Eating fig often can help reduce blood lipids, reduce fat deposition in blood vessels, reduce blood pressure and prevent coronary heart disease. 3. Fig contains a large number of lipids, sugars, cellulose, protein, inorganic salts, vitamins, amino acids and other nutritional elements. Supplementing these nutritional elements can enhance the anti-virus ability. An aromatic substance "benzaldehyde" can be extracted from mature fig juice, which has the effect of anti-cancer and anti-cancer.

What are the benefits of eating fig fruit powder for diabetes

1. Ficus carica has the functions of helping digestion and promoting appetite. It contains many kinds of things and helps to alleviate diabetes complicated with constipation.

2. Fig contains enzymes that can decompose fat, helping to reduce fat deposition in blood vessels. It is good for patients with diabetes and hypertension to eat a small amount.

How to eat fig fruit powder for diabetics

1. Making soup with figs, wax gourd and kelp can promote diuresis and detumescence, reduce blood sugar and benefit the kidney. It is suitable for adjuvant treatment of diabetes nephropathy.

2. Eating fresh fig raw is helpful to treat bowel heat and constipation. It is suitable for people with diabetes and constipation.

What should diabetes eat fig fruit powder notice

Although diabetics can eat figs, the amount should not be too much, because figs contain a lot of glucose and fructose, which belong to foods with high glycemic index. They should eat as little as possible to avoid rising blood sugar.




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