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Product Name: Ceramide
Extraction Source: Rice, corn extract
Molecular Weight: 536.89
Molecular Formula: C34H66NO3R
CAS Number: 100403-19-8


Product Description

Alias: Sphingolipids

Product Features: 

    Ceramide is the latest generation of moisturizer developed in recent years. It is a water-soluble lipid substance. It has a similar structure to the     material that constitutes the stratum corneum. It can quickly penetrate into the skin and combine with the water in the stratum corneum to form     a A net-like structure that locks in moisture.


    1. Cosmetics: Using ceramide-containing activating essence cosmetics can strengthen the skin's anti-aging function, keep the skin elastic, smooth and fine, and reduce the formation of facial wrinkles.

    2. Medicine: Ceramide plays an important messenger role in inducing biological effects such as a variety of cytokines, vitamin D3, Fas and CD28 ligand.