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Chenopodium Oil
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Chenopodium Oil

CAS Number:8024-11-1
Source: Nepeta
Storage method: Keep away from light and heat during storage and transportation

Product introduction: Nepeta (scientific name: Chenopodium ambrosioides L.) is used as medicine with the whole herb. This species is a poisonous plant included in the Chinese Plant Atlas database, and its toxicity is that the volatile oil is poisonous. Its content is most in fruits, so it is more toxic, leaves second, and stems the weakest. Ordinary dosage of 10-30, Nepeta nepeta dispels wind and dampness, kills insects, relieves itching, is used for ascariasis, hookworm disease, pinworm disease, externally used to treat skin eczema, itching, and kill maggots.


Medicinal use can treat hookworm disease, but it is toxic, so the dosage should be strictly controlled;

It is widely used in daily chemical fragrances.



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