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Chitosan oligosaccharide ---there are many beneficial functional carbohydrate

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Chitooligosaccharidesare the only positively charged and alkaline oligosaccharides in nature.

It is the product of deacetylation of chitin (chitin)-after the degradation of chitosan,

Direct or branched chain sugars formed by 2 to 10 monosaccharide molecules linked by glycosidic bonds,

It is the most important, active and effective functional sugar in the sugar chains on the surface of human cell membranes.

In 1991, at the International Chitin Conference, it was determined by European and American scientists as the "sixth vital element" necessary for the human body.

Evaluation of Chitooligosaccharides

As the third-generation latest biotechnology sugar bioengineering,

The biological science community highly praised chitooligosaccharides with a series of "most":

The latest frontier subject of life sciences is glycobiology,Chitosan Oligosaccharide suppliers- Healtheway

The biggest life information is sugar chain,

The smartest immune substance is oligosaccharides,

The most active and effective oligosaccharide substance is chitosan oligosaccharide.

Benefits of Chitooligosaccharides

1. Regulate human immune function

80% of human diseases are related to the degradation and imbalance of immune function, and 80% of deaths are related to the collapse and termination of immunity.

After entering the human body, chitosan oligosaccharides form cationic groups, which have affinity with human cells, and can comprehensively improve human immunity through multiple channels such as cellular immunity, humoral immunity and non-specific immunity. Experiments have proved that chitooligosaccharides can activate the activity of killer cells (NK cells, LAK cells), and can also directly act on B cells to produce immunoglobulins, thereby improving human immunity.

2. Regulate blood pressure

Hypertension is a common disease that endangers human health. Modern medicine has revealed that chloride ions are the culprit leading to hypertension.

Chitooligosaccharides can combine with negatively charged chloride ions by virtue of their unique positively charged characteristics, and are excreted from the body, which can activate vascular cells, improve microcirculation, reduce peripheral vascular resistance, and reduce the deposition of lipids on the vascular wall. Realize the role of regulating blood pressure. Long-term use can remove acidic wastes in the blood, soften blood vessels, enhance elasticity, and fundamentally regulate and relieve elevated blood pressure.

3. Regulate blood lipids

Hyperlipidemia is caused by an increase in triglycerides, high cholesterol or low-density lipoprotein, and a decrease in high-density lipoprotein. The symptoms of hyperlipidemia are not obvious and are often overlooked. However, it is clinically proven that hyperlipidemia is the culprit of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. If not treated in time, it can easily induce coronary heart disease, stroke and even hemiplegia.

Chitooligosaccharides can effectively activate lipolytic enzymes, break down excess fats and excrete them from the body. Fat is a group with anion, chitooligosaccharide is a group with cation, anion and cation are combined and excreted from the body, reducing the accumulation of fat in the body. In addition, chitosan oligosaccharides can regulate liver function and achieve normal blood lipids.

4. Prevent arteriosclerosis

Chitooligosaccharides can prevent the absorption of fat, can increase the absorption of good cholesterol and reduce the absorption of bad cholesterol, so it can prevent arteriosclerosis, atherosclerotic plaque, and prevent stroke and heart disease.

5. Prevent cancer

Chitosan oligosaccharides are alkaline, which can shift the blood pH value to alkaline, thereby activating lymphocytes, making it in the best active state, increasing the function of LAK cells by about 3 times, and the activity of NK cells by about 4.5 times. These immune cells are the key factors in preventing cancer and fighting cancer.

In addition, the prerequisite for cancer cells to produce quantitative mutations is the acidification of body fluids, and chitosan can improve and prevent the acidification of body fluids, so that body fluids can maintain the environmental conditions that cancer cells are difficult to survive and differentiate, thereby preventing the occurrence of cancer.

6. Prevent diabetes

Diabetes is an endocrine and metabolic disease with a certain genetic predisposition. If it is not treated in time or is not well controlled, it will cause serious complications such as the cardiovascular, cerebrovascular, eye, kidney, and nervous system.

As a dietary fiber, chitosan oligosaccharide can slow down the absorption of sugar in diabetic patients, activate pancreatic islet cells, promote insulin secretion (for every increase in pH value of 0.1, insulin activity rises by 30%), improve their own hypoglycemic ability, regulate the pH of body fluids, and promote the body The sensitivity of cells to insulin, thereby preventing diabetes.

7. Regulate gastrointestinal function

After the chitosan oligosaccharide enters the intestinal tract, it can multiply the beneficial flora such as bifidobacteria in the intestine, so that the bifidobacteria have an absolute advantage in the intestine, and at the same time inhibit the growth and reproduction of harmful flora. As a cationic animal fiber, chitosan oligosaccharide can promote the peristalsis of the intestine, remove stool and toxins in the large intestine, so that the gastrointestinal function can be effectively regulated.

Chitooligosaccharides can protect and repair the gastric mucosa. A small amount of it is dissolved by gastric acid in the stomach to form a gel, which can form a protective film on the wound surface of the gastric wall, prevent the stimulation and corrosion of gastric acid (protect the wound surface from re-damage), activate mucosal cells, and promote the healing of the ulcer surface.

8. Sober up and protect the liver

The metabolic rate of alcohol in the human body is limited. If excessive drinking, alcohol will accumulate in the liver and increase the burden on the liver. Chitooligosaccharides can increase the activity of ethanol (acetaldehyde) converting enzymes and accelerate alcohol metabolism, thereby reducing Alcohol damages the liver.

9. Reduce uric acid and improve gout

Chitooligosaccharides have alleviating effects on gout: Studies have found that chitooligosaccharides can improve the body's immunity and can also play an anti-inflammatory effect by enhancing the function of macrophages. In addition, Chitooligosaccharides have many physiological functions for treating arthritis, protecting myocardial tissue, protecting the liver, regulating blood lipids and lowering blood sugar.

Tests have shown that oligochitosan has a significant reduction in serum SCr, BUN and UA levels in hyperuricemia model mice, and it also has a good therapeutic effect on hyperuricemia mice, which provides for the further development and application of oligochitosan. A certain theoretical basis.

10. Anti-fatigue

Excessive fatigue is a kind of damage to the human body. Chitooligosaccharides can effectively alleviate the imbalance of the internal environment caused by overtraining, delay and avoid the occurrence and development of exercise fatigue and exercise immunosuppression.

Animal experiments show that it prolongs the survival time of animals, improves the ability of resistance to high temperature, resistance to cold, and prolongs the time of tolerance to hypoxia. Through the enhancement of multiple non-specific resistances, it can eliminate fatigue and maintain the best physiological state.




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