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Source: Animal organization
Product Description


1. Biomedical materials

Collagen can be made into surgical sutures and hemostatic agents. At the same time, synthetic materials or collagen are widely used in plasma substitutes, artificial skin, artificial blood vessels, bone repair, artificial bone and immobilized enzyme carriers, etc.

The clinical application forms include aqueous solutions, gels, granules, sponges and films.

2. Used to treat burns


Collagen has the functions of pure natural moisturizing, whitening, anti-wrinkle, and freckle removal. It can be widely used in beauty products. At the same time, collagen can also be used in hair care products.

4. Food

1) Collagen is used in foods, which can lower blood triglycerides and cholesterol. Alcohol is an ideal blood lipid-lowering food, and it can promote the growth of nails and hair to a certain extent.

2) Collagen can be used as a filler and gel in food.

3) It can be directly added to meat products to affect the tenderness of meat and the texture of meat after cooking.

4) Collagen can also be used as natural casing in sausage products

5. Feed

Collagen powder for feed can be used as an animal-derived protein nutritional additive to replace or partially replace imported fish meal. It is used in the production of mixed and compound feeds. It has good feeding effects and economic benefits.