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Product Name: Corn fiber
Properties: Brownish yellow powder
Extraction Source: Starch such as corn and wheat

Corn Fiber

Product Description

Alias: Polylactic acid fiber, PLA fiber


Corn Fiber is a synthetic fiber made from corn, wheat and other starches as raw materials, transformed into lactic acid by fermentation, and then polymerized and spun.


1. Textiles

Corn fiber is blended with natural fibers such as cotton and wool to make new textile products, which have good shape retention, good gloss,excellent silk-like feel, good moisture absorption and quick-drying effect. It has good elasticity and beautiful luster.

2. Applications in other fields

Corn fiber can also be widely used in civil engineering, buildings, agriculture and forestry, aquaculture, paper industry, health care and household products, and can also be used to produce biodegradable packaging materials.