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Curcumin Color
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Curcumin Color

Introduction: Curcumin is a natural yellow pigment with strong coloring power, bright color, strong thermal stability, safety and non-toxicity. It can be widely used as a coloring agent in cakes, candies, beverages, ice cream, colored wine, etc. Food is considered to be one of the most valuable natural food pigments for development. In addition, curcumin also has antiseptic and health care functions, and is widely used in medicine, spinning, dyeing, and feed industries.
Source: Turmeric rhizome
Properties: Orange-yellow powder with special aroma
Main Ingredient: Curcumin is its main functional ingredient


1. Food Industry

The dyeing power of curcumin is greater than other natural pigments and synthetic lemon yellow, especially for proteins. Curcumin is safe, non-toxic and has no side effects. It is one of the important natural food colorings allowed to be used at home and abroad.

2. Pharmaceutical industry

Curcumin plays an important role in the treatment of inflammation-mediated diseases, such as tumors, atherosclerosis, diabetes, and rheumatoid arthritis. Curcumin can be used as preservatives, cosmetics, stomachic agents, analgesics, diuretics, choleretics, etc. In addition, curcumin can also reduce the toxicity of the drug and reduce the kidney damage caused by adriamycin.

3. Animal feed

Curcumin can improve the production performance and immune function of broiler chickens, enhance the body's antioxidant effect, and at the same time can improve lipid metabolism and improve chicken quality; curcumin can promote fish growth, improve fish digestive enzyme activity and antioxidant It also has certain activity in aspects such as strengthening the immune function and improving the color of fish.

4. textile dyeing

The ecological textile dyed with turmeric has no pollution to the environment, is harmless to the human body, has certain antibacterial properties, is non-allergenic and carcinogenic to the skin, and has good biodegradability and environmental compatibility.Curcumin can be used to dye silk, leather, fiber, cotton and wool fabrics. The dyed fabric has natural color and fragrance.



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