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Product Name: D-Panthenol
Properties: A colorless to slightly yellow transparent viscous liquid with a slight special smell
Molecular Weight: 205.25
Molecular Formula: C9H19NO4
CAS Number: 81-13-0
Einecs: 201-327-3


Product Description


D-panthenol (99%) is the precursor of vitamin B5, so it is also called provitamin B5. It contains not less than 99% of D-panthenol. It is a colorless to slightly yellow transparent A viscous liquid with a slight special smell.

Product Usage: 

It is widely used in medicine, food, feed and cosmetic industries. As vitamin B5, it has the same metabolic process in the organism.

1. In the food industry, used as a nutritional supplement and strengthening agent, promote the metabolism of human protein, fat, carbohydrates, maintain skin and mucous membranes, improve hair luster, improve immunity, and prevent the occurrence of diseases; in the cosmetics industry.

2. The care effect on the skin is expressed as a deeply penetrating moisturizer, which stimulates the growth of epithelial cells, promotes wound healing, and has an anti-inflammatory effect;

3. The care effect on the hair is shown as a long-lasting moisturizing function, preventing hair from splitting and damage, increasing the density of the hair, and improving the gloss of the hair;

4. The nail care performance is to improve the hydration of the nail and give the nail flexibility.