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DHA Algae Oil
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DHA Algae Oil

Product introduction: DHA is a major element for the growth and maintenance of nervous system cells, and an important fatty acid for the brain and retina. DHA algae oil is extracted from marine microalgae and is relatively safer without being passed on by the food chain. Its EPA content is very low.
Extract Material: Marine microalgae

Product Function: 

1. For infants

DHA extracted from algae is pure natural, plant-based, strong in antioxidant capacity, and low in EPA. Therefore, the academic circles agree that algae oil DHA is more suitable for infants and young children.

2. To the brain

DHA is one of the important substances for human brain development and growth. As a kind of fatty acid, DHA has more significant effects on enhancing memory and thinking ability and improving intelligence.

3. To the eyes

DHA can increase the visual acuity of retinal pigment molecules and help nerve transmission in the brain.

4. For pregnant women  

Supplementing DHA in advance for expectant mothers not only has an important effect on fetal brain development, but also plays an important role in the maturation of retinal light-sensing cells



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