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Do you know the application of dew grass extract or ecdysone?

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Pharmacological functions of ecdysterone

Promote the body's collagen synthesis and cell growth, stimulate dermal cell division, and eliminate cholesterol in the body; anti-arrhythmia, anti-fatigue, lowering blood fat, inhibiting blood sugar rise; clearing the meridian,

best ecdysterone supplement - Healtheway Dehumidifying and analgesic. Since its inception in 1976, the ecdysone hormone has been developed for use in tablets, injections, and ointments. Folks are also used to treat rheumatoid arthritis with good curative effect. The effective ingredient 20-hydroxyecdysterone has been proved by clinical studies to have a direct blood sugar lowering effect, is effective for type II diabetes, and is particularly effective in improving the symptoms of "three more and one less" in diabetic patients.

Ecdysterone application of sports health products 

Ecdysone has a remarkable process of translation and migration by increasing the assembly of amino acids into protein chains, thereby stimulating the growth of muscle cell proteins. Ecdysone is not only good for health but also safe. It is used to help stabilize the cells damaged by cortisol and is safe. It helps cells that are damaged by cortisol to normalize the energy synthesis steps (ATP and sarcosine) and improve Liver function allows the organism to adapt quickly to changes in the environment and pressure.

Ecdysterone cosmetic applications

Cosmetics generally use specially processed high-purity ecdysone, also called "ecdysterone". It is a pure white powder or colorless transparent crystal. It has a single ingredient, no allergic reaction, strong permeability, and can be quickly approved in a liquid state. absorb. It can enhance cell metabolism and activation, has a good exfoliating, freckle whitening effect, and has a significant repairing effect on melasma, traumatic dark spots, melanin precipitation, acne, etc. And the promotion of collagen synthesis is much higher than any existing products on the market. Dew grass extract, confirmed by research and testing, is used as a natural cosmetic ingredient because it has the effective effect of promoting the division and growth of skin dermal cells, promoting metabolism, and enhancing collagen synthesis. The main effect is: rejuvenate the skin Stronger, richer and more delicate. At present, dew grass extract has been used in many cosmetics of well-known brands (Dior, Guerlain)

Ecdysterone farming application 

Aquatic crustaceans-shrimps, crabs; ground worms; ecdysone is a substance necessary for the growth and development of shrimps and crabs, and the main raw material for "decoating elements". After adding this product, the shrimps and crabs can be smoothly shed , Promote the consistency of shelling of shrimps and crabs, effectively avoid killing each other between individuals, and significantly improve the survival rate of breeding and the quality of commodities.

Sericulture breeding Moulting hormone can shorten the age of silkworms, make the upper tufts neatly, and promote silking and cocooning.




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