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Earthworm Protein

Product Features: Earthworm protein is extracted from earthworm and contains collagenase, plasmin, lumbrokinase, fibrinolytic activating protein (FA protein), nucleic acid, trace elements and other ingredients.
Product Description

Application areas:

1. Thrombosis

Earthworm protein has a thrombolytic effect, can inhibit platelet aggregation, anticoagulation, reduce blood viscosity, thereby preventing thrombosis.

2. Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases

Certain chemical components of earthworm protein can prevent and treat some common cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, such as hypertension, coronary heart disease, arteriosclerosis and other blood fatigue diseases.

3. Anti-tumor aspect

The chemical components contained in earthworm protein have a strong inhibitory effect on the differentiation and killing of cancer cells.

4. Gynecology

Dilong Body Soup can be used for abortion and delivery. The histamine and purine contained in it can excite uterine smooth muscle and cause uterine spasmodic contraction.