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Product Name: Ecdysterone
Properties: Light yellow to white powder
Extraction Source: Dew grass
Molecular Weight: 480.63406
Molecular Formula: C27H44O7


Product Description

Alias: Peeling hormone


    1. Pharmacology and health care

        1)Ecdysone acts on the human body to promote colloidal protein synthesis, anti-arrhythmia, and anti-fatigue.

        2)Promote cell growth, stimulate dermal cell division and eliminate cholesterol in the body.

        3)Lowering blood lipids, inhibiting the rise of blood sugar; clearing the meridians and activating collaterals, dehumidifying and analgesic;             natural anticancer preparation

    2.Farming application

        1)In sericulture breeding, it is used to shorten the age of mulberry silkworms, the upper tufts are neat, and it promotes silking and cocoon             formation;

        2)It is suitable for the artificial breeding of shrimps and crabs and other aquatic crustaceans and ground insects, which can make shrimps             and crabs smoothly shell, and promote the consistency of shrimp and crab shells.

    3.Cosmetic applications

        1)It has a good effect of exfoliating, spotting and whitening, and has a good repairing effect on facial chloasma, traumatic dark spots,                 freckles, melanin deposits, etc. It also has obvious effects on acne.

        2) It is far higher than any products on the current market in promoting the synthesis of collagen protein.