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Ferulic acid, the despised whitening king

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Modern studies have shown that ferulic acid can be absorbed by the human body and excreted in the urine in time, and will not accumulate in the human body and cause accumulated toxicity. In particular, ferulic acid is easily metabolized by the human body, has extremely low toxicity, and is relatively safe to use. It is precisely because of this that ferulic acid is widely used in medicine and food industry.

What is ferulic acid?

Ferulic acid is widely found in plants in nature, and its chemical name is 4-hydroxy-methoxycinnamic acid, which is a phenolic acid commonly found in plants. Ferulic acid is mostly extracted from Angelica sinensis, and many Chinese medicines such as Chuanxiong, Horsetail, Cohosh also contain ferulic acid, which are all derivatives of cinnamic acid.ferulic acid skin lightening for sale-Healthewaybio

Effects of ferulic acid products

1. Sun protection

As a relative of the cinnamic acid family, ferulic acid has the effect of absorbing ultraviolet rays and sunscreen. It is also recognized as one of the sunscreens in Japan.

However, ferulic acid is very unstable when exposed to ultraviolet rays and is easy to decompose. Therefore, products containing ferulic acid should be stored in the dark, and it is best to use it with sunscreen during the day.

2. Antioxidant

Compared with general sunscreens, ferulic acid can also resist oxidation and eliminate free radicals. It can promote the body to produce glutathione and NADP. When used in conjunction with vitamin C and E, it can increase the stability of vitamin C and E on the one hand, and it can also double the antioxidant capacity of the vitamin C and E combination. The most representative product is Xiu Li Ke CE Essence, which uses 15% dimensional C + 1% dimensional E + 0.5% ferulic acid, which is based on this theory.

3. Anti-inflammatory and anti-allergy

On the one hand, ferulic acid can disarm the immune system (cut off the key link in inhibiting inflammation, such as affecting the metabolism of arachidonic acid and inhibiting the synthesis of prostaglandin PEG2), and it can also soothe the immune system so that they are not excited (reduce mast cells) Activation), can play an anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic effect.

4. Whitening

We know that tyrosinase is the most critical enzyme needed by melanocytes to produce melanin. Ferulic acid can inhibit the production and activity of tyrosinase, thereby achieving the whitening effect of reducing the production of melanin.




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