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Product Name: fig
Properties: White Fine Powder
Extraction Source: figs


Product Description

Alias:Ficin enzyme Powder

Ficin protease is a kind of sulfhydryl protease, mainly exists in the latex of FIG and receptus protein, is a widely used plant protease, not only involved in protein decomposition and migration, but also related to cell signal transduction. Protease extracted and purified from figs is widely used in food processing, industrial production and medical and health fields because of its good stability, strong proteolytic ability and good degradation of a variety of proteins.

Fig fruit powder function:

1.Ficin is mainly used for cold resistance of beer (hydrolyze protein in beer to avoid turbidity caused by cold storage).

2.Meat softening (hydrolysis of muscle protein and collagen to tenderize meat);

3.A dough conditioner for baking;

4.Emulsion coagulant used in cheese making (instead of rennet).

5.Separate the shell from the meat of the shrimp to achieve mechanized shell removal, and also separate the clam meat from its internal organs.

6.It can also be used as an additive in pesticides and cosmetics.