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Product Name: Fucoxanthin

Alias: Fucoidan

Molecular Formula: C42H58O6

Molecular Weight: 658.91

CAS Number: 3351-86-8

Properties: Light yellow to brown crystalline powder

Product Characteristics: Fucoxanthin is a pigment contained in brown algae diatoms, golden algae and yellow-green algae, which participate in the photochemical system II of photosynthesis.

Product Function:

1. Anti-tumor effect. It has a significant effect on the treatment of skin cancer, colon cancer, blood system tumors, and prostate cancer.

2. Antioxidant effect. Fucoxanthin has a good antioxidant effect, even better than vitamin E and vitamin C.

3. Anti-inflammatory effect. Fucoxanthin has an inhibitory effect on the exudation of endotoxin-induced inflammatory mediators in a dose-dependent relationship, and its anti-inflammatory effect is equivalent to prednisolone.

4. Lose weight. Fucoxanthin can activate UCP1 protein and promote lipolysis. At the same time, it stimulates the liver to produce DHA, which lowers cholesterol levels.



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