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Product Name: Gardenia blue natural pigment
Properties: Dark blue powder
Extraction Source: The fruit of gardenia
Main Ingredient: Gardenia blue pigment

Gardenia Blue Pigment

Product Description


    Natural blue pigment-gardenia blue is a natural pigment made from gardenia blue pigment after refined processing. Gardenia blue pigment is     the yellow pigment extracted from the fruit of Gardenia, and then processed by food enzymes.

Features: Bright color, strong tinting power, good light resistance and heat resistance.

Usage: First dissolve with warm water (purified water), and then adjust to the required ratio with a certain amount of purified water.

Dosage: Maximum dosage 0.3g/kg

Storage and Transportation: Store in a sealed, dark, and cool place.


    1.There is not much direct coloring in food processing, and it is mainly used to mix with natural yellow pigments such as gardenia yellow             pigment and safflower yellow pigment to formulate green pigments of different colors.

    2. Compared with the extracted chlorophyll, the shade of green pigment formulated with gardenia blue pigment can be controlled, has good         acid resistance, and can be used in acidic foods and beverages.

    3. In addition, the gardenia blue pigment can also be combined with various natural red pigments to produce different shades of purple.             Therefore, the gardenia blue pigment has a wider application range in food processing.