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Gardenia oil of the effects

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Gardenia is a common green leaf plant with a wide range of distribution. It is also very easy to survive. It can be propagated by seeds or cut from branches.  Gardenia is white, sending out a light fragrance, very elegant and fresh.  Gardenia fruit is yellow, small, has a certain medicinal value, but also can be used for oil.  So, what does gardenia oil do?  

The role of gardenia oil  gardenia essential oil manufacturers- Healtheway

Gardenia fruit is a cold food with a bitter taste. Its chemical composition is very complex, including yellow pigment to supplement human vitamin and ursalic acid, an active part that can resist acute lymphoblastic leukemia.  

Gardenia oil contains more than 80% of unsaturated fatty acids, 54% of which are linoleic acid. It can effectively dissolve cholesterol, reduce blood lipid, remove vascular lining deposits and lower blood pressure.  Gardenia oil also contains gardenia yellow pigment, gardenia glycoside, chlorogenic acid and other physiological active substances, which have many unique physiological functions, such as protecting liver and gallbladder, sterilization and anti-inflammation, anti-oxidation, scavenging free radicals, inhibiting mutation and anti-tumor.  

Gardenia oil edible method  

Gardenia is used as food additive due to its rich yellow pigment. However, some studies found that the oil content of the residue produced by Gardenia as food additive was as high as 20.6%, higher than that of soybean.  It is rich in unsaturated fatty acids, which have a certain tonic effect on human body.  So how to eat gardenia oil?  Gardenia oil is a natural vegetable oil that can be used in salads and in cooking dishes.  When the guests come home, fry two small dishes with gardenia oil, stew a pot of soup, and then do a Sichuan cold dish - mouth water chicken, it is delicious and delicious.  

Gardenia fruit not only contains iridoids, but also rich in oil. Gardenia oil accounts for more than 12% of the fruit, and is rich in linoleic acid, which is a kind of good nutrition.  Modern pharmacology shows that gardenia oil has the effects of sedation, hypnosis, anticonvulsant and promoting learning and memory.  




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