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Product Name: Gardenia Oil
Properties: Yellow transparent oily liquid
Extraction Source: Gardenia
Main Ingredient: Unsaturated fatty acids 80%

Gardenia Oil

Product Description


    The unsaturated fatty acid content of gardenia oil is more than 80%, of which 54% is linoleic acid

Product Function:

    1. It can effectively dissolve cholesterol, lower blood fat, clear blood vessel wall deposits and lower blood pressure;

    2.Gardenia oil also contains gardenia yellow pigment, geniposide, chlorogenic acid and other physiologically active substances, which are         unique in protecting liver and choleretics, bactericidal and anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidation, scavenging free radicals, inhibiting mutation and         anti-tumor. The physiological functions.

Scope of Application: Usually used in health, beauty, health and other fields