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Ginsenosides' magical effects
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Ginsenosides' magical effects

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Ginseng has been known as the "King of Herbs" since ancient times, and has been hailed as the best product of "nourishing yin and replenishing health, strengthening the body" by the oriental medical community. Oral administration can replenish qi and blood. It is a great tonic. Therefore, since ancient times, ginseng has been taken internally as the main method for medicated diet, soaking in water, and mouth. But do you know the magical effects of ginseng for external use?

Ginseng extract ginsenoside beauty effect

The main ingredients of ginseng are ginsenosides, ginsenosides, a small amount of volatile oil, various amino acids and peptides,best ginseng extract ginsenoside supplier-Healtheway glucose, fructose, pectin, vitamin B1, B2, B12, C, niacin, pantothenic acid, etc., and also contains zinc, iron, More than 20 kinds of trace elements such as calcium, steel, potassium, germanium and arsenic. Cosmetic mask processing manufacturers add it to skin care products to promote the blood circulation of subcutaneous capillaries and capillaries, increase the nutrient supply of the skin, adjust the skin moisture balance, etc., prevent the skin from drying and dehydration, increase the elasticity of the skin, and protect it. The skin is shiny and soft, preventing and reducing skin wrinkles.

It should be noted that ginseng only contains ordinary ginsenosides, and the "least" in ginseng-wild ginseng, contains extremely rare and rare ginsenosides. The technically refined rare ginsenosides have smaller molecules and stronger activity. It is slowly absorbed by the skin without any adverse irritation to the skin. It can repair damaged skin, expand skin hairs and capillaries, promote skin blood circulation, increase skin nutrition, regulate the skin's water and oil balance, and prevent skin dehydration, hardening, and growth. Wrinkles can enhance skin elasticity and regenerate cells.

Rare ginsenosides also have the ability to inhibit the reduction of melanin and make the skin white and smooth. It is not only used to assist in the prevention and treatment of cancer, postoperative recovery, and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. It is the best skin care and beauty product and is favored by cosmetic mask manufacturers.



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