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Product Name: Grape seed extract
Properties: Reddish brown powder, slightly odor and astringent
Extraction Source: Seeds of Vitis vinifera L
Molecular Weight: 468.42
Molecular Formula: C30H12O6
CAS Number: 84929-27-1
Einecs: 284-511-6

Grape Seed P.E

Alias: Grape Seed P.E;GSE
Origin: Seeds of Vitis vinifera L.
Properties: Reddish brown powder, slightly odor and astringent
Molecular Formula: C30H12O6
Molecular Weight: 468.42
CAS Number: 84929-27-1
EINECS Number: 284-511-6
Product Description

Product Features: 

    Grape seed extract is a new high-efficiency natural antioxidant substance that cannot be synthesized in the human body. Its antioxidant activity     is 50 times that of vitamin E and 20 times that of vitamin C. It has a super-strong effect of delaying aging and enhancing immunity.


    1. Cosmetic application

        1)Grape seed extract is known as a natural sun covering, which can block ultraviolet rays from harming the skin.

        2) Postpone and reduce the appearance of skin wrinkles, and keep the skin soft and smooth.

        3)It has a significant effect on the treatment of acne, stains, whitening, etc., and has no sequelae.

    2. Drug application: 

        Protect cardiovascular and prevent hypertension; anti-radiation effect; anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory.

    3. Health benefits

        Prevent the occurrence of cataract; prevent and treat dental caries and gingivitis; effectively treat asthma; improve the quality of life of                 prostate patients; prevent senile dementia early; anti-mutation and anti-tumor effects