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Product Name: Green Tea Extract
Properties: Brownish yellow, light yellow or light green powder
Extraction Source: Green tea leaves

Green Tea Extract

Product Description


1. Health function

Lowering blood lipids; improving the activity of enzymes in the human body to have anti-mutation and anti-cancer effects; inhibiting tumors; sterilizing and detoxifying; detoxifying and protecting the liver; detoxifying; improving immunity.

2. Food application

1)As a natural antioxidant, tea polyphenols have been widely used in the food industry. Such as meat products, edible animal and vegetable fats, fried foods, etc.;

2)When baking food, it can play a role in nutrition and health care and enhance food flavor;

3)It has significant anti-oxidation, anti-corruption and anti-browning effects in the preservation and processing of fish, shrimp and other aquatic products;

4)Tea polyphenols can be used to prepare various tea beverages

5)The application of tea polyphenols in candies can effectively prevent oxidation and keep fresh, fix color and fragrance, and eliminate bad  breath. In addition, tea polyphenols can also make the "acid tail" in high-sugar foods disappear, making the taste sweet.

3. Cosmetics and daily chemicals

As an additive, it has a strong antibacterial and enzyme inhibitory effect, which can prevent skin diseases, skin allergies, skin pigmentation, prevent dental caries, dental plaque, periodontitis and bad breath.

Detection Method: HPLC