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Product Name: Green tea seed oil
Extraction Source: The fruit of the tea tree

Green Tea Seed Oil

Product Description

Product Introduction: 

    Tea seed oil is a high-end woody health oil that is squeezed from the kernels of the tea seeds and fruit wrapped by the cattail. It is rich in tea     polyphenols, VE, linoleic acid and other nutrients needed by the human body, which is very healthy and regulating. Tea seed oil is also the only     edible oil that is naturally rich in tea polyphenols.


    1. Tea seed oil also has the functions of clearing heat and detoxifying, moisturizing the bowel, lowering blood fat, losing weight, regulating         blood pressure, and protecting the cardiovascular system. It can beautify the skin, resist aging, and resist radiation.

    2. Tea seed oil has strong permeability and is very close to the fatty acid composition ratio of the skin. It has a good affinity and can nourish the     skin, make the hair black and shiny, and can also eliminate dandruff and relieve itching.