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High-purity natural capsaicin is widely used in our daily life

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High-purity natural capsaicin, widely used, can be used as raw materials for medicine, military industry, natural colorless capsicum extract, etc...,It is widely used in medicine, military industry, marine ship antiseptic, biological pesticide, biochemicalbest capsaicin extract price- Healtheway pharmacy, food and other industries. Transparent water-soluble capsicum extract, the aqueous solution is clear and transparent, used in various products that require spicy flavor.

What is capsaicin extract?

Natural capsaicinoids (Capsaicinoids, also called capsaicin) are substances that cause pungent taste in peppers. They are composed of a series of congeners. The structures and properties of each group are very similar, but there are differences in individual groups. It is an alkaloid containing phenolic hydroxyl groups, mainly found in peppers. It is a purely natural extracted spicy flavoring agent. The product is mainly used in food, medicine, agriculture and other industries. Capsaicin compounds have analgesic, anti-inflammatory and anti-rheumatic effects in medicine. The analgesic effect of capsaicin is better than that of morphine. Good and long-lasting, and without dependence, it is a good natural analgesic; used in agriculture to repel pests, used as an anti-fouling paint additive on civil ships, as an anti-rodent coating for cables and optical cables, and used as an anti-termite in construction Paint etc. At the same time, capsaicin was once the main raw material for the manufacture of tear gas, tear gas guns and defense weapons in the military. The research progress in these aspects shows the broad application prospects of capsaicin compounds.

The use of capsaicin extract

1.Capsaicin inhibits the increase in glucose

 Natural capsaicin can reduce the absorption of glucose in the intestine and inhibit the increase of glucose in plasma. Natural capsaicin can open the Ca2+ and Na+ channels on the cell membrane, prevent the small intestine from absorbing fat, and inhibit the deposition of fat in the body. Natural capsaicin has fat burning activity, which can decompose fat into CO2 and H2O and excrete it from the body.

2. Capsaicin extract can lose weight

Use natural capsaicin to burn fat and permeable to make weight loss cream, make it quickly penetrate into the skin to burn the fat and decompose it into CO2 and H2O to be discharged out of the body, so that a certain part of the body can achieve weight loss at will. Use natural capsaicin to inhibit sugar absorption and fat accumulation to make oral anti-sugar and anti-lipid drugs to prevent the occurrence of diabetes and obesity.

Capsaicin extract applied in agriculture and food

1. Utilize the strong irritation of natural capsaicin to make biological pesticides to drive away agricultural pests from the crop area, effectively repelling insects and killing plant fungi, and can protect the ecological environment and produce green agricultural products. Use natural capsaicin for strong stimulation and fast dispersibility to make grain insecticides. It can also be used to make repellents, which can repel pests, rats, rabbits, termites, etc., and can replace camphor balls.

2. Fresh-keeping and antibacterial effect

In the prevention and control of harmful organisms, high-purity natural capsaicin can be used to inhibit the growth of main bacteria and fungi in food, such as Escherichia coli, Bacillus subtilis, Staphylococcus aureus and other fungi, and can play a role in keeping food fresh.




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