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Product Name: Honeysuckle Flower Extract
Properties: Brown powder
Main Ingredient: Chlorogenic acid

Honeysuckle Flower Extract

Detection Method: HPLC
Appearance: Brown powder
Product Description

Alias: Amur barberry, Yuanbai, Barberry

Detection Method: Thin layer chromatography

Functions and Indications:

    1. To clear away heat and dampness, relieve fire and steam, detoxify and treat sores.

    2. Used for damp-heat diarrhea, jaundice, entrapment, hot shower, athlete's foot, bone steaming, night sweats, nocturnal emission, sore             swelling toxin, eczema and itching.

    3. Salt Phellodendron cypress nourishes yin and lowers fire, and is used for yin deficiency and fire, night sweats and bone steam.