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Konjac powder of the basic introduction

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Konjac Powder is a perennial araceae herb rich in gel. The main ingredient of konjac is glucomannan, which not only contains more than 10 kinds of amino acids and a variety of trace elements needed by the human body, but also has the characteristics of low protein, low fat and high fiber, good water absorption and high expansion rate.  

Medicinal effect of Konjac Powder: it can reduce blood lipid, blood glucose, blood pressure, weight loss, beauty, health care, laxative and other effects.  Konjac is healthier for kids and, thanks to its rich gel content, is more resilient and Q in taste.  It has many functions such as lowering fat, lowering blood sugar, preventing cancer and defecating.  Konjac contains glucoside polysaccharide, is a kind of polymer compound, has strong water absorption, water absorption volume can expand 80-100 times, after eating is not easy to be digested and absorbed.  And can adsorb cholesterol and bile acid, to reduce blood pressure, reduce the attack of cardiovascular disease has a certain effect.  

The medicinal ingredients of konjac can clear the fat and cholesterol deposited in the cardiovascular

1. Konjac contains rich dietary fiber. Dietary fiber in the intestinal tract can strengthen intestinal peristalsis, promote defecation, and shorten the stay time of food in the intestinal tract.  Can make the time that defecate stays in bowel tract shortens 5 hours or so.  Reduce the absorption of small intestine to nutrition thereby, also reduced the harm of the harmful substance in stool to the body at the same time.  

2. Konjac powder water volume expansion coefficient is very large, up to 100 times the volume of its own dry products, konjac water expansion in the stomach after making people feel full, naturally do not want to eat more other food.  

3. Long-term consumption of konjac powder products is not only beneficial to the obese.  It is also good for constipation, high blood lipids and people who want to prevent stomach and bowel cancer.  Generally speaking, Konjac should not only be said to be a diet food, but should be positioned as a health food.  wholesale organic konjac powder - Healtheway

Konjac Powder also contains soluble dietary fiber, which is very effective in inhibiting postprandial blood glucose elevation. Therefore, Konjac Powder and its products are ideal hypoglycemic food for diabetic patients.  After application, the burden of islet can be reduced.  So konjac has a variety of disease prevention and health care function, often eat konjac food is good for the body.  

Underground tuber can be processed into Konjac Powder for consumption. Konjac food not only has delicious taste and delightful taste, but also has the effects of weight loss, fitness, curing cancer and so on. Therefore, it has become popular all over the world in recent years and is praised as "magic food", "magic food" and "health food", such as Guangxi Gold Powder Konjac Powder.  American Walsh confirmed the weight loss effect of Konjac with double blind method.  West China University of Medical Sciences further confirmed the effect: eating konjac powder powder 30 days, the rate of weight loss is 78.4%, the decrease range is 0.5 ~ 4.7 kg.  The dietary fiber in konjac food is in the filling effect inside the stomach, increased satiety, can reduce the absorption of produce heat nutrient at the same time, can achieve the purpose of preventing obesity and reducing weight slowly.  Human experiments showed that weightlifters who took 16% konjac food without restriction of diet and water lost 2.45kg (3.2% of their original weight) in 3 days.  




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