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Product Name: Konjac powder
Properties: Milky white or light yellow
Extraction Source: Konjac
Main Ingredient: 98% konjac flour

Konjac Powder

Product Description


Konjac is the only cash crop found today that can provide large amounts of glucan. Konjac underground tubers can be processed into konjac     flour for consumption. Konjac food not only tastes delicious, but also has the effects of weight loss and fitness, curing diseases and anti-            cancer, so it has become popular all over the world in recent years and is known as "magic food" and "magic food" ", "health food", etc.

Product Benefits:

The main ingredient of konjac is glucomannan, which not only contains more than 10 kinds of amino acids and a variety of trace elements required by the human body, but also has the characteristics of low protein, low fat, high fiber, good water absorption, and high expansion rate.     It has medicinal effects. Lowering blood fat, lowering blood sugar, lowering blood pressure, weight loss, beauty, health care, laxative and more effects.