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L-Arabinose about the basic introducction
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L-Arabinose about the basic introducction

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What kind of sugar is arabinose? Do you understand?

The life activities of the human body cannot be separated from sugar, which mainly refers to the six-carbon sugar. Economic development has changed people's dietary structure, and at the same time, sugar intake has also greatly increased. Excessive sugar intake can lead to a series of health problems such as obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. In recent years, scientific research has discovered that L-arabinose, the five-carbon sugar widely found in fruits and whole grains, is an important functional sugar to prevent "three highs and one super". In 2008, the Ministry of Health of my country officially approved L-arabinose as a new resource food, confirming its important position in the field of functional sugars.wholesale pharmacology l-arabinose- Healtheway

The former says that sugar can cause obesity and diabetes, while the latter says that sugar can prevent obesity and diabetes. You may be confused. Is L-arabinose sugar in the end? What is its function and mechanism of action? Don't worry, the editor will popularize science for you:

1. L-arabinose has a beneficial effect on blood sugar regulation and glucose tolerance enhancement

The affinity of invertase for L-arabinose is 3-5 times that of invertase for sucrose. Therefore, after we eat L-arabinose, it will preferentially bind to invertase, so that invertase will lose its ability to decompose sucrose. Ability. At the same time, L-arabinose itself is almost not absorbed by the human body, so L-arabinose can effectively reduce the peak blood sugar after eating by inhibiting the absorption of sucrose, and enhance the body's glucose tolerance.

Therefore, for people with high blood sugar and even diabetes, L-arabinose can not only meet the psychological needs of wanting to eat sweet but not daring to eat, but also help stabilize the abnormal fluctuations of blood sugar after the patient has a meal, thereby making the secretion of insulin also tend to Stable, long-term use is possible to adjust blood sugar levels to normal.

2. The promoting effect of L-arabinose on moistening the intestines and laxative

As mentioned above, L-arabinose inhibits the decomposition of sucrose, so where do the excess L-arabinose and undecomposed sucrose go?

First of all, after they are sent to the large intestine, the sugar concentration in the large intestine cavity increases, resulting in intestinal osmotic pressure, and the water in the surrounding cells will quickly enter the large intestine cavity, which increases the water content of stool and produces a laxative effect.

Secondly, the microorganisms in the intestine produce large amounts of organic acids and gases, such as CO2 and H2, through the fermentation of sugars. The pH value in the intestine is reduced, and the peristaltic reflex of the local mucosa is enhanced, thereby keeping the stool unobstructed .

3. L-arabinose is a good helper for losing weight without quitting sugar

Sucrose has a long history of use. It is widely loved because of its pure sweetness, and the long-formed eating habits cannot be changed. Sugar is an important raw material for the body to synthesize fat, and dependence on sucrose is one of the important causes of obesity. L-arabinose can inhibit the activity of sucrase, the sugar that is broken down into the human blood is reduced, and the body's own synthetic fat is naturally reduced. In addition, the L-arabinose and sucrose that reach the large intestine can proliferate intestinal probiotics and produce intestinal organic acids, which can effectively inhibit the liver from synthesizing fat. As the body's daily activities and exercise are consumed, the body fat content naturally gradually decreases. Therefore, the effect of L-labose for reducing weight and fat is realized.

4. L-arabinose helps the body to stay young

When it comes to aging, one has to talk about "glycation reaction". The so-called "glycation" refers to the process by which unconsumed sugars and proteins in the human body undergo a saccharification reaction to produce end glycation products (AGEs). In this process, human skin will become dark yellow, wrinkles, acne, etc., all of which are the result of excessive sugar intake to stimulate glycation reaction. L-arabinose is inhibited at the source of sucrose decomposition. Excess L-arabinose and sucrose enter the intestines to proliferate probiotics, moisturize the intestines and relax the bowels, make the intestines healthy and clean, and the skin naturally restores its youthful state.

The current state-controlled Xingsha actively advocates the concept of "anti-sugar", "sugar reduction" and "sugar control". The purity of L-arabinose extracted from corn cobs and corn husks using biological fermentation technology can reach more than 99%, which is high in blood sugar. , High blood pressure, high blood lipids, overweight and other people provide high-quality sugar without burden. People in need can go to major chain pharmacies across the country to get the sweet and unburdened state-controlled Xingsha L-arabinose powder.



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