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L-Arabinose details of effects and edible methods

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What is pharmacology l-arabinose?

L-arabinose, also known as gum aldose and pectin sugar, is a kind of aldopentose with a chemical formula of C5H10O5. In nature, L-arabinose seldom exists in the form of monosaccharides, usually combined with other monosaccharides, and exists in the form of heteropolysaccharides in pectin, hemicellulose, pectic acid, bacterial polysaccharides and some glycosides. It has high stability to heat and acids.

In natural foods, arabinose exists in the form of polysaccharides, such as cereals (such as wheat, oats, corn). In addition, traces of arabinose can also be found in vegetables and fruits such as apples and beetroots, but because of its complex structure, it needs to go through a lot of processing procedures to extract it, and most of the final products will be It is made into a powder, somewhat similar to powdered sugar, and sold.pharmacology l-arabinose company -Healtheway

The role of L-arabinose

There are two main functions of L-arabinose in food and medicine. One is to inhibit the enzyme that hydrolyzes disaccharides, so it inhibits the absorption of sucrose (decomposed into glucose and fructose under the action of small intestine sucrase) resulting in elevated blood sugar; referred to as the hypoglycemic effect of inhibiting the hydrolysis of disaccharides. The second is that due to the inhibitory effect of L-arabinose on disaccharide hydrolase, the sucrose that has not been decomposed in the small intestine is decomposed by microorganisms in the large intestine to produce a large amount of organic acids, which can inhibit the synthesis of fat by the liver. In addition, L-arabinose inhibits the absorption of sucrose in the small intestine, thereby reducing the production of new fat in the body. L-arabinose can be used in combination with sucrose or taken alone.

1. Inhibit metabolism and absorption

The most representative physiological effect of L-arabinose is to selectively affect invertase in the small intestine, thereby inhibiting the absorption of sucrose.

2. Inhibit blood sugar and fat

As a low-calorie sugar, L-arabinose inhibits the increase in blood sugar caused by the intake of sucrose, so it can inhibit obesity, prevent and treat diseases related to hyperglycemia.

3. Prevent constipation

Japanese research results show that women with a tendency to constipation will add 3% L-arabinose sucrose to black tea and other beverages for continuous consumption, and the number of bowel movements per week will increase significantly. According to the test of Sanwa Starch Co., Ltd., the intake of sucrose with 5% arabinose can also effectively promote the growth of Bifidobacterium. L-arabinose itself is a sugar that is difficult to be absorbed by the digestive tract, and the part that cannot be used in the body can be excreted in the urine.

4. Effects on skeletal muscle composition

A Japanese study in 2005 demonstrated the effect of L-arabinose on energy expenditure and muscle fiber composition by feeding obese rats with 20% sucrose diet (Group C) and 20% L-arabinose added. % sucrose diet (Group A) for 21 weeks. The abdominal adipose tissue weight and cell size of rats in group C increased significantly, while the fat weight and cell size of rats in group A were significantly suppressed. L-arabinose significantly suppressed the rise in blood sugar 2 hours after glucose administration. The percentage of energy expended from fat increased by 12.8% in group A rats, as assessed by the respiratory quotient. The number of type Ⅰ fibers in the rectus abdominis muscle increased significantly. Like other skeletal muscles, the rectus abdominis is composed of type I and type II muscle fibers. These results suggest that L-arabinose has the effect of altering the composition of skeletal muscle fibers, affecting the growth of abdominal adipose tissue by governing glycolysis to glucose oxidation. This change in muscle fiber ratio may have the effect of improving type 2 diabetes.

How to eat L-arabinose?

1. Use like normal powdered sugar

When preparing sweet drinks, arabinose powder can be used instead of sugar, and added directly to pure water or beverages, or in the process of making desserts, arabinose powder can be used to replace part of the sugar powder to reduce the use and intake of sugar.

2. As one of the ingredients of health food

Arabinose is usually made into compound health food, and together with probiotics, fiber, and antioxidant nutrients, it is designed as a health food with different demands.

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