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Product Name: Linseed oil, sesame seed oil
Properties: Light yellow transparent oily liquid
Main Ingredient: A-linolenic acid, linoleic acid

Linseed Oil

Product Description

Alias : Flax oil, confinement oil

Product Introduction: 

    The sum of crude protein, fat and total sugar content in flaxseed is as high as 84.07%. Flaxseed protein contains a complete variety of amino     acids, with an essential amino acid content of up to 5.16%, which is a plant protein with high nutritional value. Because linseed oil is rich 

    in α-linolenic acid, it is often called concentrated "vegetable fish oil" or "liquid gold" on land.


    Regular consumption of linseed oil can make skin soft and shiny, lose weight and consume excess body fat, improve women’s premenstrual     syndrome, improve anti-stress, relieve allergic reactions, asthma, improve arthritis, organ tissue inflammation, lower cholesterol, and reduce     heart load , Improve water retention, kidney function, constipation, promote cell health, promote brain flexibility, and make people energetic.