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Product Name: Methylcobalamin
Molecular Weight: 1344.38
Molecular Formula: C63H91CoN13O14P
CAS Number: 13422-55-4
Einecs: 236-535-3


Product Description

Product Introduction: 

Methylcobalamin is an endogenous coenzyme B12, which participates in the one-carbon unit cycle, and plays an important role in the transmethylation reaction of synthesizing methionine from homocysteine. In vitro studies have shown that methylcobalamin can promote the synthesis of lecithin and neuronal myelination in cultured rat tissues, and is suitable for peripheral neuropathy.

MDL: MFCD00082483


1. Polyneuritis, trigeminal neuralgia, sequelae of brain accidents, brain trauma, and nerve disorders caused by vascular sclerosis; insomnia, dreaminess, irritability, irritability; alcoholic neuritis; autonomic nerve disorder.

2. Diabetic neuropathy, neuritis with abnormal liver function, megaloblastic anemia.

3. Facial nerve palsy; tinnitus, hard of hearing, dizziness, deafness; ear balance disorders; abnormal taste and smell.

4. Diabetic retinopathy; optic nerve atrophy caused by optic neuritis, diplopia, and glaucoma.

5. Sciatica, herniated disc, bone spurs, shoulder and neck pain, back pain, fractures, sports injuries.

6. Anemia of pregnancy, numbness of lower limbs; abnormal nerve function during menopause.

7. Neuritis and neuralgia caused by herpes zoster, eczema, and various dermatitis.

8. Hematopoietic damage and nerve damage caused by radiotherapy and chemotherapy.