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Product Name: Monascus colours, red rice starter
Properties: Monascus pigment is a deep purple-red liquid or powder or paste, with a slight peculiar smell, insoluble in water, glycerin, and easily soluble in neutral and alkaline aqueous solutions
Molecular Weight: 350
Molecular Formula: C21H22O5

Monascus Colours

Product Description


    Monascus red (Monascus colours, red rice starter) monascus pigment. It refers to the liquid monascus pigment obtained by extracting red         yeast rice with ethanol or the product obtained by extracting, crystallization and refining from the deep culture liquid of Monascus.

Type: Monascus pigment

Dosage of some products: 

    (subject to liquid culture products) meat products, 50-500mg/kg; ice cream, 30-120mg/kg; alcohol, 15-150mg/kg.

Function and Purpose:

    1. Red yeast red is a natural and bright colorant, safe and stable, and has certain medical and health effects. It has been widely used in food     (meat products, soy products, wine, juice, beverages, candy, cakes), medicine, and cosmetics. And other industries. Especially in the meat         sausage processing industry, the effect is very ideal for improving the product grade.

    2. Red yeast red has good water solubility. The product can be directly dissolved in water or alcohol according to the required amount, and         then added to the ingredients for coloring. The amount can be determined according to the desired color tone.If it is dissolved first with hot         water at about 50℃, the dissolution time can be shortened.