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Nattokinase magical fuction's introduction
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Nattokinase magical fuction's introduction

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As a good health and longevity product, natto has been listed as a food with important health care effects. Anyone who has been to the neon country knows that nine times out of ten Japanese families will have natto on the dining table, which has a long brushed texture, is slimy and slippery, and has a strange taste. Although the taste is peculiar, why do Japanese people love to eat it and still highly praise it?

High nutritional value, whoever eats China organic nattokinase is healthy

Anyone who knows natto knows that nattokinase, the main nutrient in natto, is called "vascular scavenger" and has an irreplaceable role in protecting the heart and brain.best nattokinase powder- Healtheway

After a large amount of biotechnology research and clinical proof, compared with other thrombolytic drugs, nattokinase has the advantages of low cost, good safety, small molecular weight, good oral effect, high thrombolytic activity, and long duration of action. When thrombosis is formed, it can also activate and enhance the body's own thrombolytic ability, thereby playing a long-lasting and stable thrombolytic effect.

The culprit of death-cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases

According to the "China Cardiovascular Disease Report 2017", the death rate 

of cardiovascular diseases accounts for more than 40% of the residents' disease deaths, ranking first, even higher than that of tumors and other diseases!

Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases have become the number one killer of global health!

Especially middle-aged and elderly people over 50 years old have the characteristics of high prevalence, high disability and high mortality.

For a long time, Japan has used natto as a health food and condiment, which is considered to be the "secret recipe" for Japanese people's longevity, and July 10 is designated as the "Natto Festival" every year.

Natto contains all the nutrients of non-GMO soybeans and special nutrients added after fermentation. It contains saponin, isoflavones, unsaturated fatty acids, lecithin, folic acid, dietary fiber, calcium, iron, potassium, vitamins and a variety of amino acids and minerals. , Suitable for long-term consumption to maintain health.

Natto is a high-protein nourishing food. The enzymes contained in natto can eliminate part of the cholesterol in the body and break down the acidified lipids in the body after eating, so that abnormal blood pressure can return to normal.

Small natto, big connotation

1. Nattokinase powder can prevent cardio-cerebrovascular embolism

Nattokinase, which has been proven to have a strong thrombus-dissolving effect, can periodically increase fibrinolytic activity in plasma and effectively prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular embolism.

2. Pure nattokinase can prevent cancer and natherosclerosis

Genistein contained in natto is the main anti-cancer active ingredient, and regular natto can effectively reduce the incidence of cancer.

In addition, natto also contains antioxidant ingredients, like an active scavenger, by reducing the level of low-density protein cholesterol, effectively slowing down the process of atherosclerosis.

3. Non gmo nattokinase has antioxidant and anti-aging properties 

Natto is rich in lecithin, unsaturated fatty acids, vitamin E and other antioxidant components, which can promote blood circulation, improve skin elasticity, make skin smooth and soft, and delay aging.



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