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  • How do I use thyme oil essential oil for breast cancer


    As a natural ingredient, breast cancer essential oil provides a natural treatment for this disease. Share some essential oils that help fight the symptoms of breast cancer. Thyme is considered a member of the mint family. Thyme essential oil contains more beneficial properties because it is a very concentrated and effective form. Thymol is a component of thyme essential oil, which can kill harmful organisms and make the essential oil have antibacterial properties. Read More

  • Can taking thyme oil orally help against fungal infections


    Essential oils derived from plants are widely used in a wide range of applications, from cooking to disease treatment. One of the most common essential oils comes from thyme, which is a kind of herbal medicine grown all over the world. Recently, researchers from Prince Sultan Military Medical City in Saudi Arabia found that thyme essential oil has effective antifungal and cytotoxic effects. Read More

  • Canthaxanthin's properties, development and application 02


    Keratin is an additive with high application value and economic value. It has broad application prospects in food, medicine, health products, feed and daily cosmetics. In 1984, FDA / who approved the inclusion of keratin in food additives and formulated quality standards. In terms of feed, keratin can be used as a colorant for fish and poultry feed to enhance the color of fish flesh, poultry skin and egg yolk. Read More

  • Canthaxanthin's properties, development and application 01


    Keratin is a carotenoid with wide application value. It has coloring and many physiological functions. It can be used in feed, food, chemical industry, medicine and other industries. It has high economic value. Therefore, it is of great significance to study the biological sources and production methods of keratin and the production and development of keratin. Read More

  • What is canthaxanthin


    Canthaxanthin is a carotenoid pigment with orange color. It exists naturally in a variety of foods and can also be synthesized artificially. It is often used as an animal feed additive to make the color of egg yolk and poultry meat more vivid. It is mainly used as orange colorant when adding food, but it is rarely used. Some studies have shown that high intake of keratin may lead to its accumulation in the retina Read More

  • Can a diabetic patient take figs, and how much


    Diabetics should avoid sugar in their diet. Many foods with high sugar content cannot be eaten. In the choice of fruits, they should choose to eat some fruits with low sugar content. Is it good for diabetics to eat figs It is OK for diabetics to eat fig in proper amount. Fig is a high fiber food, rich in acids and enzymes. It is helpful to improve human immunity, eliminate fatigue and restore physical fitness. It is very beneficial to patients with diabetes. Read More

  • Does eating figs increase weight


    Fig is a favorite fruit of many people, but it is not very common in life. Therefore, many people don't know about fig and worry about getting fat during weight loss, but fig is actually a fruit that helps to lose weight. Fig is a fruit that can promote fat digestion. Especially in the green skin period, the sugar content of fig is also very low. Therefore, eating fig in moderation is helpful to lose weight. Read More

  • How do you use figs for health


    Fig, also known as natural seed, Wenxian fruit, dense fruit, milk berry, etc., is a mulberry plant. Heat: 59 kcal (100 g). Fig is not only a fresh fruit, but also a kind of traditional Chinese medicine. "Compendium of Materia Medica" contains: "figs taste sweet and flat, non-toxic, mainly appetizer, stop diarrhea, treat five hemorrhoids and sore throat". Figs taste sweet like persimmons without seeds, rich in nutrition and comprehensive. Read More

  • Lignin's structure


    Lignin is a complex phenolic polymer formed by three alcohol monomers (p-coumarin, coniferol and mustard alcohol). Lignin is one of the components of plant cell wall, which has the function of connecting cells. Lignin is a kind of polycyclic polymer organic matter containing many negative groups, which has strong affinity for high valence metal ions in soil. Read More

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