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  • Which foods contain resveratrol?


    Resveratrol, which is a polyphenol compound. Experimental studies have shown that resveratrol can significantly inhibit the self-renewal ability of colorectal cancer, glioma, breast cancer, melanoma, leukemia and other cancer stem cells. Related clinical research on the compound to prevent and treat malignant tumors is also underway. Read More

  • Is tea saponin good for agriculture?


    Tea saponin, also known as tea saponin, is a type of glycoside compound extracted from tea tree seeds (tea seed, tea seed). It is a natural surfactant with good performance. It can be widely used in light industry, chemical industry, pesticides, feed, aquaculture, textiles, oil extraction, mining, building materials and highway construction and other fields. Read More

  • Phosphatidylserine-how to make it?


    Phosphatidylserine (PS) is known as a new "smart nutrient" after choline and "brain gold" DHA. It is an important membrane phospholipid found in bacteria, yeast, plants, and mammalian cells. Phosphatidylserine is also called compound nervonic acid, its English name is Phosphatidylserine, or PS for short. Read More

  • Schisandra's effects and applications


    Schisandra is the dried and mature fruit of Schisandra of Magnoliaceae, and is commonly called "Northern Schisandra". Schisandra is a commonly used traditional Chinese medicine in clinical practice. It is the main component medicine of the classic prescription Shengmai San and the modern preparation Shengmai injection. Read More

  • Ferulic acid, the despised whitening king


    Modern studies have shown that ferulic acid can be absorbed by the human body and excreted in the urine in time, and will not accumulate in the human body and cause accumulated toxicity. In particular, ferulic acid is easily metabolized by the human body, has extremely low toxicity, and is relatively safe to use. It is precisely because of this that ferulic acid is widely used in medicine and food industry. Read More

  • What is centella asiatica?


    Centella asiatica, as a Chinese herbal medicine, is the dry whole plant of centella asiatica, a plant of the genus centella of the umbelliferae family. Perennial creeping herb, sweet, pungent, and cool in nature, has the effects of clearing heat and removing dampness, detoxifying and reducing swelling, promoting blood circulation and stopping bleeding. Read More

  • What is evening primrose tea?


    Evening primrose belongs to the willow leaf vegetable family, also called wait for xiao Cao, mountain sesame, wild sesame. Flowers beautiful, often cultivated ornamental use, flowers can carry aromatic oil. Read More

  • What is tea seed oil's efficacy and role?


    ​Tea seed is the fruit of the camellia plant tea, that is, the fruit of the tea tree. Read More

  • Peony seed oil brings you an unexpected healthy life.


    Among the edible oils, the unsaturated fatty acid content of peanut oil and rapeseed oil is close to 80%, while the peony seed oil and olive oil exceed this value. Read More

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