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  • Introduction to Shea Butter Ingredients and Functions


    Shea butter contains 40%~50% vegetable oil, which also contains non-saponifiable repairing ingredients. Generally, the content of vegetable oil is less than 1%, and the proportion of ingredients such as shea butter is as high as 15%. It is not easy to be washed off by soap and facial cleanser, and it can also provide antibacterial and soft skin functions. Read More
  • Borage seed oil efficacies and side effects


    Borage seed oil is made from the seeds of the medicinal borage, a plant native to the country Syria in Europe and the United States. The beautiful blue and purple borage flowers are often referred to as "star flowers." It is rich in omega fatty acids and linolenic acid. Read More
  • Does borage oil cause weight gain?


    Borage oil has high nutritional value and has deep beauty and healing effects. Read More