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  • Introduction to Shea Butter Ingredients and Functions


    Shea butter contains 40%~50% vegetable oil, which also contains non-saponifiable repairing ingredients. Generally, the content of vegetable oil is less than 1%, and the proportion of ingredients such as shea butter is as high as 15%. It is not easy to be washed off by soap and facial cleanser, and it can also provide antibacterial and soft skin functions. Read More

  • What is evening primrose oil?


    Relieve various discomforts during menstrual period, some of them have a good alleviating effect for dysmenorrhea. The five major harms of dysmenorrhea are one that affects work and life; the other is that it induces gynecological diseases. Dysmenorrhea is an external manifestation of the interaction of uterine qi stagnation, blood stasis and phlegm dampness. Read More