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Nicotinamide has obvious effect on delaying skin aging

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Nicotinamide may be new to many people, but if you're a beauty maven, skincare expert, and ingredient junker, you're certainly familiar with it.  Nicotinamide is a derivative of vitamin B3 and has been recognized as an anti-aging factor in the field of cosmetic dermatology so far.  In recent years, for more and more people begin to pay attention to.  Recently very popular "nicotinamide" is what ghost?  Nicotinamide 4 Effects Women Love!  

Ingredient party look over, nicotinamide 4 big effects, no woman does not love!  

1. Whiten skin  nicotinamide riboside manufacturers- Healtheway

Nicotinamide is absolutely the authority of "whitening world", it can reduce the melanin in the human body, accelerate the metabolism of melanin keratinocytes, but also can interfere with the interference of melanin and keratinocytes "communication", so as to effectively reduce the generation of melanin.  According to the relevant clinical evidence, if the frequent use of nicotinamide skin care and beauty products, with the naked eye can see the change in the color of facial spots, nicotinamide can also effectively fade chloasma, sunburn and other skin problems.  

Nicotinamide is a natural skin barrier  

Nicotinamide is also known as the "natural skin barrier", which can effectively repair damaged cells in the skin, and is also known as a "magic weapon" to repair damaged cells.  When nicotinamide is applied externally, it can promote the synthesis of skin epidermis protein, greatly improve the skin's defense force, and nicotinamide can also alleviate the skin irritation brought by some surfactants.  

2. Effective oil control and pore constricting  

Eyebrow in the United States, many will get skin oil and rough pore, especially in summer, the most serious face oil, causing a lot of women think, summer heat to sweat, using skin give oil, used oil is more error concept of skin care, skin give oil most because of the imbalance between water and oil skin, the skin give oil will take away the facial moisture,  The drier the face, the more likely it is to produce oil.  Nicotinamide can reduce the production of fatty acids and triglycerides in sebum, and has a very good oil control effect.  

3. Delay aging  

As women age, their skin becomes dull, dull, and dehydrated, and nicotinamide is an effective remedy for this condition.  Nicotinamide is the skin's "natural barrier" that helps repair damaged cuticle and improves skin resistance.  Generally contain nicotinamide skin care products, have a strong deep lock water, moisturizing skin effect, can in a certain extent, effectively delay aging.  

According to the relevant research shows that if use nicotinamide yuanye 2 times a day, in the use of 8 weeks, the skin texture will get improved significantly, facial fine lines and wrinkles will be significantly reduced, at the time of 12 weeks after using, the skin becomes elastic than before, and some pigmentation and spots have decreased significantly,  The dull yellowness of the skin will also be improved to some extent and the skin will look bright and shiny.  Nicotinamide has obvious effect on delaying skin aging.  




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