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Product Name: Oat fiber powder
Properties: Yellow powder
Extraction Source: Natural Oats

Oat Fiber Powder

Product Description


   Oat fiber powder uses oat dietary fiber as raw material and is processed by a proprietary technology and special process, which greatly increases the proportion of soluble dietary fiber, especially soluble β-glucan.

Product Use:

   1. Preparation class: solid beverages, soluble oat dietary fiber powder, meal replacement powder, breakfast powder, diet food, special medical diet products, etc.

   2. Biscuits: high-fiber cookies, high-fiber crisp biscuits, high-fiber molar sticks, etc.

   3. Dried noodles: high-fiber original wheat noodles, high-fiber tomato noodles, high-fiber carrot noodles, etc.

   4. Flour products: high-fiber steamed buns, high-fiber flower rolls, high-fiber brown sugar steamed buns, bread, etc.