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Product Name: Panax ginseng oil
Properties: Brown oily substance, with ginseng-specific aroma
Extraction Source: Ginseng root

Panax Ginseng Oil

Product Description

Product Features: 

    1. Health care function, promote blood circulation and metabolism

    2. Use of cosmetics

        1)It has good permeability, does not contain any chemical synthetic ingredients, and is mild in nature. It is easily absorbed by the skin. It is         non-irritating and can effectively and lastingly moisturize the skin, making it smooth, delicate and tender.

        2)Remove wrinkles, delay skin aging, quickly repair fiber cells, and promote collagen elastin production.

        3)Moisturizing and moisturizing, can quickly penetrate into the inner layer of the skin, help the repair of the skin stratum corneum, and at the         same time improve the secretion of water and oil, so that the pores can be gradually reduced.

        4)Sunscreen, anti-inflammatory, can effectively prevent ultraviolet radiation, has a unique effect on solar dermatitis, and can be used with             ease for sensitive skin.