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Product Name: Papain
Properties: White to light yellow powder
Molecular Weight: 21000
CAS Number: 9001-73-4


Product Description

Product Features: 

    Papain is a sulfhydryl protease with wide substrate specificity. It is a protease that can decompose protein in acidic, neutral and 

    alkaline environments.


    1. Food industry applications

        It is used to hydrolyze animal and vegetable proteins, make meat tenderizer, hydrolyzed sheep placenta, hydrolyzed soybeans, biscuit                 loosening agent, noodle stabilizer, beer beverage clarifier, advanced oral liquid, health food, soy sauce brewing and wine starter, etc.

    2. Application of beauty cosmetics

        It has unique whitening and skin rejuvenation, beauty and health care, freckle removal and dirt removal, blood circulation promotion, skin             improvement and other effects. It can be made into slimming tea, beauty and skin care products.

    3. Industrial application of daily chemical products

        Used in soap, soap, detergent, washing powder, hand sanitizer, etc., it has strong detergency, sterilization and disinfection, safe and secure.

    4. Feed industry applications

        Used as feed additives, develop protein sources, facilitate absorption, improve feed utilization, and help livestock digest and accelerate             growth. It can also be used as an additive for high-grade compound fertilizers for vegetables and fruits.

    5. Leather industry applications

        Use papain to make depilatory agent to tan leather, with fine pores and bright skin texture.

    6. Textile industry applications

        It can be used to process wool, silkworm pupa degumming, silk refining, and can achieve the effects of soft, comfortable, anti-shrinkage and         tensile strength.