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Product Name: pea protein
Properties: Light yellow powder
Extraction Source: Peas
Main Ingredient: Protein

Pea Protein

Product Description

Alias: Pea protein isolate

Product Introduction:

Pea protein powder is a high-quality protein extracted from peas using advanced technology and low temperature and low pressure technology. Pea protein contains 18 kinds of amino acids necessary for the human body and is a full-price protein.

Main Edible Effects:

Help improve immunity, regulate intestines and stomach, fully supplement amino acids, promote postoperative recovery after illness, help slimming, and promote collagen synthesis

People Suitble:

Vegetarians, people who lose weight, people with high cholesterol, high blood pressure, middle-aged and elderly people, pregnant and lactating women, people recovering from surgery, athletes

Side effects: Patients with gout are advised not to consume it

Storage Method: Store in a cool and dry place