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Product Name: Pumpkin enzyme
Properties: Off-white
Extraction Source: Mature seeds of pumpkin

Pumpkin enzyme

Product Description

Introduction of pumpkin enzyme:

Factory supply high content 80% above Pumpkin Protein powder

All are high quality broken rice based. Gray-white or yellowish powder rice protein will be finished with processing and removing the impurity and partial fiber fat of the rice dregs which are gained from the process of rice starch making into syrup. This type of protein is an ideal  vegetable protein with all human needed acid. Rice protein is also the only source of cereal protein which needs no allergy tests.

Rice protein powder is a nutritional supplement that can be added to a variety of meals or drinks to boost protein levels. It is

produced by isolating the proteins from brown, white or whole grain rice and is an excellent alternative to other protein powders,

such as whey. Rice protein powder is good for body builders, vegetarians and anyone suffering from gastrointestinal problems.

Nutritional of pumpkin enzyme: 

Protein is a vital for balanced diet, but it is often difficult to find high-protein foods that are nutritionally balanced. Along

with protein, rice powder provides essential amino acids, vitamins B and E, fiber and carbohydrates. Rice powder lacks fat,

cholesterol, sugar and sodium. Rice protein powder can be used to supplement any type of meal, mixed with smoothies or protein

shakes or added to soups and salads. There are limitless options for incorporating rice powder into an average diet.

Hypoallergenic of pumpkin enzyme:

Rice protein powder is hypoallergenic. This means it will not irritate the stomach and is easier to digest than other sources ofprotein. People with gastrointestinal ailments such as irritable bowel syndrome, food allergies, or who are lactose intolerantfind it difficult to digest meat, dairy and other sources of protein. Rice protein is a good alternative to these foods.

Application of pumpkin enzyme:

1.Nutrition supplement  

2. Meat and fish products

3. Meal replacement beverages

4. Baby foods, Pet foods

5. Sport and health food

6. Nutrition bars, snacks

7. Non-dairy ice cream

8. Soy alternative